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Stick in the Wheels second album Follow Them True was released on 26 January 2018. The songs within examine rituals and cycles, our inherent power to change ourselves and the world around us, the past repeating itself, ghosts and death, land and place, thieves and beggars. It continues to question the notion of what folk music is, and what it means in 2018. The new album expands the radical sound of their debut to include electronic and found sounds, using a broader sonic palette to create a greater depth full of layers and meaning, yet at the same time remaining totally connected with the tradition.

“A record of real vitality, Stick In The Wheel rip apart the preconceptions surrounding folk music and retrieve the tender, beating heart at the centre of so much traditional culture”
“Rich in attitude and uncompromising intent”
4/5 MOJO

Price: £13.50 (plus booking fee)

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